About Xin Studio

Xin Studio works with media, business and personal clients in the UK, the Europe continent and China. The team consists of talented photographers with many years of professional experience on an international scale. Since it was founded in 2016, it has attracted even more British and Chinese top photographers who all share the same goals — to capture the best fashion, the best side of people and their best moments.

Xin Studio boasts of 170 square metres of professional studio space, located in Peckham, Central London, on the south bank of the River Thames.

Our Clients

Xin Studio works with a number of fashion brands during the London Fashion Week each year as cooperative photography studio. It is the official photography studio of China International Film Festival London. Xin Studio covers for the Olivier Award and the live concerts of several Chinese superstars such as Fish Leong and Jay Chou.

Xin Studio also works closely with its business partners, celebrities and supermodels, including but not limited to Wen Liu, Kris Yifan Wu, Huohuo Han. Xin Studio is a partner of CAISSA Touristic Group and Tuniu Touristic Group, providing on-tour photography and videography for their tourism trips.

Works by Xin Studio have been used in many mainstream publications such as GQ, Grazia, Nouvelle D’Europe, Elle and Orientouch Entertainment.

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