Xin Li

Visual Director

Xin is the visual director of Xin Studio London. He has worked for first tier brands such as Chanel, Burberry, Gucci during London and Paris Fashion Week.
He is the appointed photographer for China International Film Festival London and Huawei (overseas).

He was invited to shoot for fashion medium such as Grazia, Elle and Chic!. He was also the appointed photographer for Jay Chou, Eason Chan, Leehom Wang and Mayday during their live concerts in London.

He has worked with superstars and supermodels such as Wen Liu, Yifan Wu, Angelababy, Jialing Liu, Eason Chan, Wei Zhao, Kun Chan, Li Sun, Ge Hu, Shuying Jiang, Mi Yang, Dilraba Dilmurat, Yihan Chan, Huohuo Han, Feng Lin, Zuer Rong, Yuchun Li, Rong Jin, Chao Jiang, Dina Mai, etc.

His works published in magazines: Huohuo Han’s street snap, the theme of hipsters’ street snap for London Fashion Week, the exclusive interview of Alexa Chuang, Rong Jin’s Magazine cover, etc.

I’m not here to make millions, but millions of pictures.

Chang Chen

“CC”, Chief Photographer

In 2011, Chang studied under Fang Liu, one of the best fashion photographers in China. The next year he founded his own photography studio in Guangzhou. He worked on on-tour photography, private portraits, fashion campaigns and movie posters and stills. His clients include Milei, Crazyboa and Skyworth. His unique style has been reported by Southern Metropolis Daily, Global Times and alike, reprinted by, Xinhua Net, Tencent and other major portals.

Chang joined Xin Studio London in 2016 to explore various photography styles and experience different cultures.

Chang has worked with Chinese superstars, celebrities and business moguls including Ge Hu, Yuchun Li, Dina Mai, Shi Wang and Lun Feng.

“You must love what you do and spend your life polishing your skills.” said Jiro Ono, the greatest sushi craftsman of our time. I take his words as motto. I take every shutter moment as best as I can.

Yudong Zhang

Adam, Chief Photographer

Yudong Zhang has held a personal photography exhibition in 2012. Right now he is studying towards a master degree in Photography, majoring in Art Photography, in the School of Media at the University of the Arts London.

He is the appointed photographer of BMW China, the London Fashion Week, the London Design Festival and Visit Britain. He was invited as photographer for the University of Westminster, Warwick Business School, Magic Sound etc..

You can find his works on Grazia, ELLE, Vogue and other major media platforms. He has worked with celebrities and public figures such as Kris Yifan Wu, Ivy Yihan Chen, Jay Chou, Hey-kyo Song, Rene Liu, Kira Shi, Weichi Linjia of Phoenix TV, the vice mayor of Tianjin, former senior VP of Vanke.

Different themes of photography all have things in common, whether it is for art, business or fashion. At the end of the day, one is all and all is one. I hope one day I will reach the far end of the world with my photos.

Di Cao

Chief Photographer

Di Cao graduated in 2016 with a Master degree from Central Saint Martins and is currently living in London. Back in 2012, he founded his own photography and filming studio in Shenzhen, China.

His works have been displayed in several art exhibitions in China and the UK. In 2016 he held his own photography exhibition in London.

He has extensive experience in commercial, PR, wedding, fashion and portrait photography. He has worked with Vogue China, BBC China, Modern Weekly, the Chinese Weekly, iLook, OpenPage, Chic, Lens, Capa Camera, Fotomen, Femina and IQIYI.

What is passion? You are so into it you never took a look at your watch the whole day. For me, it is photography.

Yue Wu

Senior Photographer

Yue holds a Master degree of Electronic Engineering from King’s College London. As for photography, he dabbled in it in 2010 and fell for it ever since. He gave up his career to become a professional photographer.

He joined Xin Studio in 2016 to work for and study with Xin Li, the visual director. He specialises in outdoor portraits and wedding photography.

At first, it was all about simply recording my life — trying to freeze my favourite moments. This has given me the chance to search and create more beautiful things — the best things in life recorded on picture. I capture the beautiful moments through my lens, and imprint the best moments in the client’s heart. My professional training taught me to design by the rules and photography taught me to break them.

Elvis Yan

Senior Photographer

Xurui holds a Bachelor degree of Economics in te London School of Economics and Political Science, and has three years of experience as a photographer in the UK. He was the chief photographer at the China Britain Film Festival and China Development Forum of LSE. He has worked with many celebrities and business moguls such as Dilraba Dilmurat, Kris Yifan Wu, Yuchun Li, Ivy Yihan Chan, Yunlong Zhang, Chenxi Ni, Shi Wang, Lun Feng and Dan Yu.

It is not just a still I am capturing with my lens. It is the scene, the story, the aura and the emotions in that split second. It is a still on paper, and a smile on his or her face for many years to come.


Photographer Based in Switzerland

Ping An is our photographer based in Switzerland. She holds a Master degree of Marketing from Swansea University. She was the chief editor, chief writer, senior journalist and photographer of British and Chinese Times. Ann loves literature, photography, now is settled in Switzerland. She published the photo books “Who do not want to spend their lives in their own way” and “The song of light and shadow: 365 photography diary in England”.

Cheng Zeng


Cheng studied Film and Television Research in University of East Anglia from 2008 to 2011, and studied Photojournalism in University of Westminster. He worked as an intern in UEA AVS TV Studio as Assistant Studio Manager during his study. He later joined CreativeTime, producing video content for BBC UKChina. In 2014, he founded Frame Production Limited, providing various filming services.

He has produced news clips for BBC UKChina and Propeller TV. He participated in the exclusive interview of Lang Lang. He has worked for many video campaigns for companies and institutes such as Confucius Institute of London South Bank University, VisitBritain starring Ge Hu, Bank of China (London), China Construction Bank (London). He worked for the reality show of Chinese Football Dream Season 1 and 2 and Supernanny of CENTV.

Time flies and life goes on. It is my honor and pleasure to capture the best moments that never fade.

John Stokes


John graduated from Dublin Institute of Technology with a Degree in Electronic Engineering in 2007. He put this potential career aside to pursue his passion for film and video production. He graduated again in 2009, with a Distinction in Film & Television Production, and began to film weddings and music videos for friends and family.

In 2013 John moved to London to further develop his skills, by working in both the luxury fashion industry for brands like Tom Ford, Brioni and Zegna, and in the video production industry filming events, weddings and product videos.

John began working for 80’s pop star and reality television star ‘Sinitta’ in 2015, as Head of Video Production in her studio in Fulham. These magazine style videos involved working with professional lighting, 4K cameras and overlooking junior crew members. In late 2016, John worked on projects for a film production company. This opportunity brought experience shooting with RED cinema cameras and 4K cameras, filming in unique locations around Ireland, Germany and Morocco. His most recent project with this company, is a short documentary he produced, shot and edited for the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, called “Sounds Of Marrakech”.


Makeup Artist

Xinyi graduated from Tony Studio and has 5 years of experience working as a makeup artist. Still, she keeps polishing her skill each year by participating in the latest bridal makeup courses from time to time. She specialises in making up for Asian by adjusting facial subtleties.

The art of makeup is not simply covering up but to revitalise and bring out the best of people. Every stroke of the brush and every strand of eyelashes has its purpose. Without superfluous foundation and props, you are real and stunning.


Makeup Artist

Kona holds a Bachelor in Fine Art from Kingston University London.

I set my heart on painting until one day, it was serendipity that I discovered a new canvas — faces and bodies. I have never stopped my exploration ever since. Having worked for weddings, shows and cosplay exhibitions, it was micro-movie that set my heart on Special makeup effects. The road is long and winding but also full of fun!


Makeup Artist

Crystal graduated from Birmingham City University with a degree in Fashion. She has worked as makeup artist for 7 years for fashion magazines such as Vogue Italia, HUF Magazine, iMute Magazine and commercial campaigns.

It is many girls’ dream to dress in a beautiful wedding gown, and a fresh and gradient makeup that goes with it. The secret is to discover your own beauty and character, magnify, and present. It is my job as a makeup artist to guide people to find their beauty within.
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